Dawn over the Scafells (mounted print)

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"Scafell Pike and Scafell itself, the monarchs of English mountains, have so much rugged grandeur - it is such a perfect example of the wildest workings of nature-it is doubtful whether the British Isles contain anything more majestically wild"

[M. J. B. Baddeley - English Lake District, p183]

William painted this moody and dramatic scene on very smooth hot-pressed paper, which was unusual for him as he normally preferred the texture of rougher paper to work against. However, in this painting where delicate gradations of colour and tone are important, especially in the eerie sky, it seems just right.

Available in two sizes

1.   Mounted print approx 572 x 457mm (22.5 x 18")
Image size approx 457 x 316mm

2.   Mounted print approx 286 x 235mm (11.25 x 9.25")
Image size approx 182 x 113mm

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