Derwentwater from Friars Crag (mounted print)

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"The projecting knoll from which there is such a fine prospect of water, wooded islands, and rocky walls half-veiled by foliage"

[Black's Guide to the English Lakes - ed. Gordon-Home, p130]

This is one of the most famous views in all of the Lake District, which has inspired countless paintings since the early 18th century, and here William acknowledges the influence of earlier watercolour specialists like Francis Towne, whom he greatly admired.

Available in three sizes

1.  Mounted print approx 572 x 457mm (22.5 x 18")

     Image size approx 437 x 312mm

2.  Mounted print approx 356 x 343mm (14 x 11.75")

     Image size approx 258 x 175mm

3.  Mounted print approx 286 x 235mm (11.25 x 9.25")

     Image sizes approx 182 x 124mm

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