Bockingford Watercolour Paper Sheets

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Bockingford Watercolour Paper  - mould made & produced at St Cuthberts Mill, Somerset.



Available in packs of 5 sheets.

Bockingford NOT surface. This paper is produced at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset. It is a cylinder mould made paper producing a stable non-directional sheet to resist cockling and distortion when heavy washes are applied. Made from 100% photographic quality wood pulp, it is acid free and buffered with calcium carbonate to give long life properties unaffected by atmospheric acidity. Free from optical brighteners it is colour stable and will not change when exposed to light. Its economical price makes it particularly suitable for students in watercolour, drawing and printing. In white imperial sheets 56x76cm (22x30ins) 90lb, 140lb or 200lb.

Bockingford ROUGH surface (previously called Extra Rough). This surface has been developed in response to artists' demand for an alternative to NOT in the Bockingford range. It helps add extra texture and atmosphere to work, while adhering to St. Cuthbert's rigorous standards. Rough is mould made from the purest cellulose fibre. It has an extremely forgiving paint surface allowing frequent changes to work. It is acid-free and buffered to protect from atmospheric contamination, internally sized, highly lightfast and colour stable. In white Imperial sheets 76x56mm (30x22ins) 140lb or 200lb.


Please get in contact if you would like your paper cut in half or into quarters.

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