Charcoal Burning at Bouth, 1908 (mounted print)

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"His Millet-inspired fascination for watching and then portraying ordinary people at work in their ordinary, everyday lives had not left him, and the traditional Lakeland occupations provided Alfred with plenty of ideas. It was in September 1898 that he first began to watch the charcoal burners at work in the woodland and coppices around Hawkshead"

(J. Renouf, p64 Alfred Heaton Cooper, Painter of Landscape)


Bouth is near Ulverston where Alfred lived for a time with his family. He developed a growing fascination to provide invaluable insights of regular folk performing their daily routines of work, by compiling numerous drawings and paintings in their natural surroundings. In the 1890's charcoal was an important ingredient for the production of gunpowder and for the iron-works at nearby Backbarrow.

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Mounted print approx 508 x 406mm (20 x 16")

Image size approx 385 x 277mm (15 1/8 x 10 7/8")

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