Derwentwater (framed print)

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"But in calm weather, the whole scene becomes new; the lake is a perfect mirror; and the landscape in all its beauty, islands, fields, woods, rocks, and mountains, is seen inverted and floating on its surface"

[John Brown - Derwentwater (1766) in:Prose of Lakeland - B. L. Thompson, p25/6]


Here is another beautiful view across Derwentwater, looking at the brooding mass of Skiddaw from the shore directly beneath Catbells near Portinscale. William captured its enduring charm on a number of occasions, and this painting is reminiscent of the fine view he painted from Friars Crag as well.


Available in one size only

Frame size approx 406x330mm 16x13"(LAK)

Image size approx 253x189mm

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