Early Morning, Grasmere (framed print)

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"There are transient subjects capable of arresting the attention of the contemplative observer; amongst which are - the mists or fogs - sometimes forming over the surface of the lakes"

[Jonathan Otley - On Meteorology (1823) in:Prose of Lakeland - B. L. Thompson, p93]


This atmospheric, almost haunting depiction could be a companion piece to his earlier 'After Sunset Grasmere', even though it was painted some 40 years later. As well as showing us early morning rather than the late evening, it was painted from the other end of the lake, facing the rising sun shrouded in the hazy cool blue and greys of the awakening hours.

Available in one size only

Frame size approx 610x508mm 24 x 20"(TTH)

Image size approx 431x317mm


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