Faber Castell Metallic Marker

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Decorate light, dark or colourful paper and other smooth surfaces with these wonderfully metallic markers. Use them for all over colouring, sketching, creative writing and more. The creative design possibilities are endless.  These metallic markers are suitable for use on most surfaces including foil, porcelain, stone, and metal, paper, cardboard, glass and plastic, and will provide a premium noble metallic effect. You can even make rocks and wood look shiny to, adding extra luxe to creations. The special water-based ink does not bleed or seep through paper. It is odourless, and no pumping or shaking is required. This felt-tip marker pen features a 1.5mm fibre tip, which allows the ink to flow evenly, enabling you to start getting creative immediately. Colour - Nothing Esle Metals

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