Grandy Nook, Hawkshead, 1895 (framed print)

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"The irregular outline of the narrow winding streets; the low archways; the picturesque frontages of the houses, with their many-paned windows and primitive chimneys - all these things give a visitor to Hawkshead a succession of quaint surprises" [Black's Guide to the English Lakes - Ed. Gordon-Home, p35]

This intriguing glimpse peering down a wet street-corner was painted in 1895 during an early visit to the Lakes, Alfred must have been fascinated by the warren of little labyrinthine streets found in the small ancient market-town of Hawkshead. Wordsworth (himself once a schoolboy in Hawkshead) supposed that white should be a natural colour for rural residencies - due to the air of cleanliness and neatness
given off, but that it destroyed the shifts in distance when viewing a mountainous landscape.

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Frame size approx 406x330mm 16x13"(LAK)

 Image size approx 241mm x 174mm 9.5x6.7/8"

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