Great Gable, Wasdale (loose print)

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"A hundred and a hundred savage peaks, like giants of the wilderness; there in their silence, in their solitude, as on the night when Noah's Deluge first dried"

[Canon Rawnsley in: Sartor Resartus, book ii. chap vi - taken from:Black's Guide to the English Lakes - Gordon-Home, p176]

Great Gable has long remained one of Lakeland's most enchanting mountains, and it is easy to visualise the scene Canon Rawnsley describes in the vigorous quote above. In this inimitable painting Alfred recaptures some of the hostile qualities mentioned by Rawnsley, that were attributed to Great Gable's spirit, which made it feature at the centre of serious rock-climbing when this was painted. The track near the footbridge lays just beyond the famous Wasdale Head Inn - the birthplace of British climbing.

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Image size approx 324x216mm, 12.6/8 x 8.5"

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