Les Calanques, Provence 1925 (Framed Print)

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"The brilliant light of Provence was a revelation to me. I was intoxicated with the light and colour tones, and painted all hours, even at night on the quay, with a more highly-pitched range of colours than I had ever used for landscape" [WHC - Mountain Painter, p28]

Here is a noticeably different style and subject for William. Painted at just 22 years of age, and shortly after he had left the R.A. Schools, it is almost an homage to Paul Cezanne, one of his favourite painters, although you can clearly see what was to come, when looking at the shapes and tones of the hills surrounding the sunlit harbour.

Available in one size only, in a grey wash frame.

Frame size approx 584x533mm 23x21"

Image size approx 331x275mm


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