Nordic Tales: Ornaments

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The Karen Blixens Christmas Nordic Tales pendants from Rosendahl bring nature and Nordic design into the four walls. The small and large figures to hang form an atmospheric decoration for the table or the Christmas tree. The stylish pendants are made of natural materials and all have simple and fine ribbons for hanging made of vegan leather.

Karen Blixen's writings are iconic works of the 20th century. The world-famous Danish author was decadent and driven by a great interest in the authentic and natural - this year's Christmas collection from Rosendahl takes its inspiration from just that.

Karen Blixen did not see herself as a writer. Instead, she described herself as a "storyteller". As a tribute to Karen Blixen, the various pendants from Rosendahl s Karen Blixen Christmas range each year are charged with her storytelling, with Christmas symbolism and with archetypes.

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