October Sun, Coniston (framed print)

Available Frames: 610x508mm 24x20" TTH Grey
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"It may be said that, while all views up the lake with the Old Man and his 'family' in the background, especially that from Brantwood, are grand in their simplicity, no purely lake view in the district is more charming than that straight down Coniston from the heights which crown its upper end"
[English Lake District - M. J. B. Baddeley, p78]

Here is the 'charming' view looking straight down Coniston lake at the beginning of the changing seasons, where all the browns, reds, oranges and yellows of the foliage and hills start to develop, and are contrasted against the grey, rock like silhouette's of the Old Man's 'family' of mountains.

Available in one size only

Frame size approx 610x508mm 24x20"(TTH)
Image size approx 457mm x 318mm

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