Rydal Water and Nab Cottage (loose print)

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A fine farmhouse by the lake, dated 1702, Nab Cottage was once owned by Thomas De Quincey, who somewhat controversially married the farmer's daughter Little Peggy Simpson in 1817. Later on S.T. Coleridge's son Hartley also rented it before sadly dying there with Wordsworth by his side in 1849.

In this Autumnal scene Alfred chooses a lovely view through a host of water reeds, where the chief height of Silver Howe rises high above one end of Rydal water, whilst smoke escapes from the chimney of Nab Cottage to the right, back in the day when the old road from Ambleside to Keswick lay hidden from view.

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Image size approx 318x218mm, 12 1/2x8 3/8"

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