Rydal Water (framed print)

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"The still lake, and the stream meandering through the grassy meadows, complete the effect, and justify the poet's words:

Turn where we may, said I, we cannot err

In this delicious region"

[Black's Guide to the English Lakes - ed. Gordon-Home, p108]

Rydal is one of the smallest lakes in the district, and has a beautiful style and intimate feel of its own. It is part of the chain-like course of the River Rothay, which weaves its way through Grasmere and Rydal towards the open reaches of Windermere.

This archetypal painting of Rydal Water picks up notes of green and gold, whilst the cloud banks recede steadily to the north and rich glassy reflections on the lake are produced by the adept blending of cool green, yellow, grey and blue tones.

The track caressing the left  hand side disappears around a distant corner, but eventually leads toward the beauteous vale of Grasmere, once a favourite walk of Wordsworth's.


Available in three sizes

1.  Frame sizes approx 483x381mm 19x15"(SBT)

     Image size approx 323x223mm

2.  Frame size approx 406x330mm 16x13"(LAK)

     Image size approx 244x169mm

3.  Frame size approx 330x279mm 13"x11"(NTA)

     Image size approx 182x119mm

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