Stake Pass, Great Langdale (framed print)

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"A succession of waterfalls will meet you on the ascent up the Stake, and others will accompany you down the most dreadful descent in Langdale. The scenes on the Borrowdale side are in part sylvan and pastoral, on the side of Langdale entirely rocky" [Thomas West - The Stake Pass (1778) from: Prose of Lakeland - B. L. Thompson, p46]

This pass leads from the head of Great Langdale over to another long valley, Langstrath - on the upper branches of Borrowdale and one of many pack-horse routes that were used extensively before the roads. Alfred himself used mountain passes to reach other valleys for painting, and in this atmospheric view, waterfalls and crags predominate a rough and stony path.

Available in one size only

Frame size approx 559x457mm 22x18"(TBS)

Image size approx 394x274mm, 15.5 x 10.3/4"

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