Venice, A Watercolour Journey - PL Hobbs

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Artist Phil Hobbs takes us on a watercolour journey through the streets and along the canals of this unique city.  As well as the watercolour paintings which capture the essence of the place, the text provides a gentle and simple guide to many of the well known and some of the lesser-known treasures of Venice.
The anecdotes, along with historical snippets bring to life the city from a particularly individual and personal perspective.
Phil has been visiting and painting around Venice now for over 20 years and this book gives an insight into both the city in all its splendour and the working life of the painter P L Hobbs.  Lavishly illustrated with more than 165 of his exquisite drawings, sketches and paintings there are also six hand drawn maps showing the various locations that were the inspiration behind them.
It is hoped that the discussion of watercolour as a medium, together with some works straight from the drawing board, prior to mounting and framing, as well as preparatory works along side more finished pieces, will provide a glimpse of his thinking and working methods.

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