Schmincke Pouring Medium S 547 (500ml)

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Schmincke Pouring Medium is a fluid acrylic-medium that is used for creating acrylic pour paintings. It is especially good for producing cell-like effects. Acrylic pouring involves pre-mixing fluid acrylics and acrylic ink with a pouring medium and then pouring it over a panel or canvas to create gorgeous abstract patterns or landscapes.

Achieving a 'cell' effect is popular with pour painters and can be achieved by using just a pouring medium (and perhaps a splash of water), but most pouring mediums bind too well to the paints. Silicone is the key to creating dynamic cells in your paintings and this medium helps you achieve that - without the cracking that is usually associated with silicone and pour painting. Silicone to be the best type of lubricant for acrylic pouring because it’s predictable, neutral, and durable. It’s easy to manipulate, unlike water. It doesn’t affect colour or turn rancid like many natural oils.

This pouring medium has optimised flow properties and can be mixed in any ratio with acrylic colours up to 45% acrylic colour, allowing you to vary the speed of flow and experiment with your work. Additionally, you can use water as a thinner with it. It dries to a gloss finish and is then waterproof. The medium itself reduces crazing dramatically and dries clear with a non-yellowing, tack-free surface. The acrylic-medium mixes can be poured in layers after each layer has dried. The surface you pour onto should be grease-free, slightly absorbent and stable.

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