Viking Plaque by W J Ophelia Gordon Bell (1883 - 1973)

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The Viking plaque was created by Ophelia before her marriage when she was still living in London. We don't know what originally inspired the piece, but it depicts a Viking longship of the sort that invaded the shores of England between the 8th and 11th centuries. The Vikings decorated their boats with dragons or sea serpents, both as figureheads and on the sails, to ward off sea monsters as they travelled. Finding the environment of the Lake District similar to their native Norway, the Norsemen settled this area widely; and their influence can still be heard in the local dialect and place names. The plaque was first worked in clay as a bas-relief, then cast in plaster and finally in bronze. The reproductions are cast in resin with bronze powder. The pleasing elliptical form of the plaque is echoed in the curve of the prow and the sweep of the sails. The plaque is inscribed Ophelia Gordon 1936.

height 18cms

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