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Sennelier Oil Pastels (12 Introductory Colours)Sennelier Oil Pastels (12 Introductory Colours)
Sennelier Oil Pastels - Iridescent (Set of 12)Sennelier Oil Pastels - Iridescent (Set of 12)
Henri Roche Pastels (Individual)Henri Roche Pastels (Individual)
Henri Roche Pastels (Individual)
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Unison Colour Landscape Set (Set of 18)Unison Colour Landscape Set (Set of 18)
Florence Paintmakers Water Colour Tin Honister
Unison Colour Group Portrait 18 (Set of 18)Unison Colour Group Portrait 18 (Set of 18)
Henri Roche Landscape Collection (Set of 12)Henri Roche Landscape Collection (Set of 12)
Sofft Sponge Bar Flat (Set of 3)Sofft Sponge Bar Flat (Set of 3)
PanPastel Landscape SetPanPastel Landscape Set
PanPastel Landscape Set
Sale price£72.50
Unison Colour Landscape Set (Set of 36)Unison Colour Landscape Set (Set of 36)

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