Art at Home: An accessible guide to collecting and curating art in your home by Rachel Loos

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Art brings colour, life and personality to a home, yet so many of us feel daunted by it. We may believe we can't afford to buy art, feel unconfident about our taste or be unsure of how best to arrange the pieces we own. This expert guide will help you to enjoy the process. In the first chapter, Rachel Loos asks: What Is Art? She explains the difference between prints, limited-edition prints and original works, which include vintage paintings and fine-art photographs. Rachel then explores How to Start a Collection, including tips on matching art to the mood of a room and buying on a budget. How to Frame Your Art and How to Hang Your Art cover everything you need to know about putting art on your walls, even in unlikely spaces. Finally, in Art Is Not Just Paintings, Rachel considers how to display objects that you may not think of as art, such as decorative plates, hats or finds from nature. In each chapter, experts and art lovers open the doors to their own homes and offer insights gleaned from years of collecting, combining and curating works of art.

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