Bowderdale Farm, Wastwater - Original Painting by William Heaton Cooper R.I. (1903 - 1995)

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With Wastwater’s Screes looming under a threatening sky in the background, Bowderdale Farm appears in this painting as if caught in powerful strobe lighting. Dating back to 1760, the farmhouse, its barn and an outbuilding turns its back solidly on the drama of the valley and lake – a real haven before the storm that’s already sending the trees on the left wild. William underlines the theme of threat with his bold swirls of their wind-tossed branches, and his skilfully rendered swoop of Bowderdale’s approach track set amongst dashes and swathes of bright lime-green grass all give a real energy to this painting.

Set within a subtle light green / grey wash frame. 

Framed Size – 34 x 27 ins

Image Size – 22 x 14 ins

Original Painting by William Heaton Cooper

Please note the colours of the image on the website may vary from the painting in person.

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