Ferm Living Amanda Paper Stars (Set of 3)

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Evoke the past and present in your Christmas décor with the elegantly simple Amanda Paper Stars. Uniting the nostalgia of family-made paper ornaments with the poetic intricacy of their form, the set of three Amanda Paper Stars have been designed in collaboration with Danish architect and artist Amanda Betz. The delicate stars have been hand-folded using FSCTM-certified paper with a smoothe, matte surface. Each star is suspended from a white cotton string, allowing you to use the graceful Amanda Paper Stars to adorn your window or Christmas tree. The stars come in a beautiful envelope that can be folded flat when not in use, so when the Christmas season is over, you can safely store them away until it's time to decorate your home again next year.


Colour: Off-white
Material: FSCTM Mix-certified paper stars with cotton string in FSCTM Mix-certified cardboard envelope
Dimensions: W: 6 x H: 6 x D: 2,5 cm

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