Jacques Herbin 350th Birthday Ink Bottles (Multiple Colours)

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The 350th Anniversary Inks collection celebrates the establishment of Herbin in Paris in 1670.

Each bottle contains 100ml of finest quality Herbin ink in colours only available in this collection, and include tiny flecks of gold and silver; whilst these give another dimension to the ink and to your writing, we recommend that you don't leave this ink unused in a pen for a prolonged period of time. The flecks do make it an ink that deserves extra care.

Vert Atlantide is a dark, intense green, illuminated with flecks of both gold and silver. It is reminiscent of the greenery of the fabled city of Atlantis, before it was lost to the deep. An ink afficionado, explorer and accomplished navigator, Jacques Herbin was said to be fascinated by the story of Atlantis and other maritime mysteries.

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