Newlands Mill near Ulverston 1908 – Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper (1863 - 1929)

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A mill is recorded at Newland from at least the 14th century. It appears to have belonged to Furness Abbey before being acquired by the crown. In the 18th century it was purchased by a group of local business men called the Newland Company who were intent on controlling the water supply in the valley so that they could establish an iron furnace. The subsequent movement of iron ore via a jetty at Barrow led to the development of that town as a major port. Archaeological evidence from the site suggests that it was a water power complex incorporating a corn mill and also an iron furnace.

In this charming composition, painted at the turn of the century when he was living in Ulverston, the artist has glimpsed the mill complex through the slender trunks of larches which line the banks of the stream and are reflected in its wavering surface. Conte crayon has been used in addition to watercolour to add detail to the vegetation, in particular the delightful study of autumn brambles which colour the centre foreground.


Framed size – 23 x 19 ins

Image size – 10 x 14 ins

Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper.

Please note the colours of the image on the website may vary from the painting in person.

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