Raphael Stradivarius Series 8344 Angled Round Brush

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The Raphael Imitation Kolinsky Synthetic Brush, Curved Round - completes Raphael's current catalog of synthetic sable brushes. Raphael Kolinsky Synthetic Brushes are for the watercolorist who does not wish to use natural hair brushes any longer but still wants to enjoy the exceptional attributes of natural hair at an affordable price. The synthetic displays all the quantities and sensations of natural Kolinsky while being long lasting, completely vegan, and affordable.

  • Synthetic fibers imitate natural Kolinsky hair
  • Excellent spring and water retention
  • Vegan-friendly synthetic hair
  • Outstanding color carrying capacity
  • Perfect for watercolor painters
  • Creating fine details
  • Painting consistent brush marks
  • Professionals, teachers, and students

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