The Road to the Copper Mines, Coniston - Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper (1863 - 1929)

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With parts dating back to the 16th century, the extensive underground workings of Coniston Coppermines attained their maximum extent 150 years ago, before being closed due to the exploitation of cheaper sources of copper overseas. Most of their levels and shafts are now flooded, but the upper works are still accessible, and still attract properly equipped and prepared explorers even now. Alfred has captured an atmospheric view of the old Levers Water Beck mine track looking north on a cloudy day, with Swirl How invisible in the mist high above. Over to the upper left, the crags and towers of Brim Fell rise above the remains of a once-important industry. 


Set within a tasteful silver frame.

Framed size 27 x 24 ins

Image size 17 x 14 ins

Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper.

Please note the colours of the image on the website may vary from the painting in person.

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